Mareshah Shepard Benefit

Roky Moon & Bolt's full-length space opera is taking shape nicely, the band reports.

Large or small, and however great the music, most benefit shows are born out of extremely bad news. This one is no different: Houston disco-rock demons Electric Attitude lead singer Blake Shepard's sister Mareshah was hit by a suspected drunk driver while crossing Washington Avenue outside Pearl Bar the night of July 23 and remains in critical condition. Hoping to raise awareness of the severe need for crosswalks on Washington as well as much-needed funds for the family's medical bills, Walter's has organized a bill that, despite the unfortunate circumstances, looks like one of the must-see local shows of the year. Joining Electric Attitude — fresh from a 12-city Midwestern tour and working on new material in Sunrise Studios — are Americana beasts Sideshow Tramps, glam warriors Roky Moon & Bolt, indie-folk troubadors Young Girls and post-punk slickos the Live Lights, making this show worth much more than the $8 cover in both musical and karmic value.

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