Mason Lankford & the Folk Family Revival

Birds of a Feather: The Folk Family Revival's debut Unfolding resembles Ryan Adams & the Cardinals.
Mark C. Austin

We've seen Mason Lankford and his Folk Family Revival at least once a month or so for almost the past year in various forms — acoustic, electrified, stripped down to just lead singer Lankford and a guitar. Still, nothing caught us off-guard like the local group's soon-to-be-released debut full-length, Unfolding. This is solid, sturdy country-rock in the vein of Ryan Adams's Cardinals work, or even some of the more weathered Texas country-rockers that play Houston venues like Blanco's or Firehouse Saloon. Unlike the work of most bands with the Revival's tender vintage pedigree, it's only polished in the right places and never gets saccharine. These are young kids, some just past voting age, who play with the same swing of guys who have been on the dirt circuit for dec­ades. Be sure to seek out "Come Get Me," which has a wickedly embedding hook in the chorus.

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