Matagorda Island Discs

For our first installment, we got Montrose music legend Domokos of Rusted Shut, A Swarm of Angels and A Pink Cloud fame. It will surprise nobody that Dom cheats with this list, nor that it is somewhat inscrutable. I have printed it here just as it was sent to me, save for italicizing album titles.

Chrome: Half Machine Lip Moves

Chrome: Alien Soundtracks

Butthole Surfers: Locust Abortion


Sunday Dubs

Muslim Gauze: Islamophobia

BSFX Gr* Cassettes

Psychic TV Mixes

Kim System Synthetics (w/ voice)

Sublime Frequencies Cambodian


Endless Flow of Downloaded Mp3's — "[I] just can't get enough."

(Want your own picks to appear here? Send them to You can write aboutyour picks as much or as little as you want.)


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