Material Girl: Madonna's Top 10 TV Commercials

Material Girl: Madonna's Top 10 TV Commercials

They don't call Madonna the Material Girl for nothing. She's definitely a self-promoter when it comes to her music.

Better yet, when she does this, it's never the same advertised persona. Take, for example, when she first came onto MTV and performed "Like A Virgin" at the 1985 VMAs versus her perceived persona in 1997 when she released Ray of Light.

That's what makes Madonna a rather timeless figure in music and pop culture history: She knows how she's selling her product -- her music. In this case, however, she's trying to sell you onto a various product by using both her name, likeness and overall persona. Smart move, Madge.

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I Want My MTV: Without MTV, Madonna would not have the nearly 30-year career that's she's enjoyed. Additionally, she wouldn't have made MTV so controversial (or for that matter, gave them Nielsen ratings) by pushing the envelope many times.

Some of her videos have been banned, put into late-night rotation, or even censored due to their content. But Madge, along with other artists like David Bowie, Michael and Janet Jackson, and a few others made MTV the go-to spot for the latest and greatest in pop music.

Madonna MTV VIP contest: Would we enter this contest? Maybe, but probably not because your chances of winning a contest on are pretty far-fetched. But it would be pretty cool to learn a thing or two on the dance floor from Madonna. It would be one of those moments that you could tell your children about. Better yet, they'd probably know who she is because like the lady rockers before her, she's not going anywhere.

Motorola Rokr commercial: Kids, back in the dark ages this was considered a smartphone. It had a program on it where you could play songs from iTunes. However, it was a slow phone but nevertheless considered high-tech for 2005.

So what does a high-tech company do when they want their product to sell? Hire an international superstar. Enter Madonna, Iggy Pop, Little Richard, Alanis Morissette, and plenty more. Clearly, though, Madge is the one that steals the show.

Interesting tidbit about this commercial: If you look closely, you will notice her arm is in a well-concealed sling. That is because prior to shooting the commercial, she injured herself when she was thrown off her horse at her estate in the United Kingdom. According to Entertainment Tonight, the accident caused her to break her hand, collarbone and three ribs. That's got to hurt!

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