Material World: Music to Rock Your Cyber Monday with Video

Material World: Music to Rock Your Cyber Monday with Video

In the late '70s, there was a movie spoof on Friday the 13th called Saturday the 14th. It was about as dumb as you imagine it would be. Well, insert punchline here because Black Friday is over, but we are still smack dab in the middle of Cyber Monday, where instead of being stampeded by rampaging shoppers hell bent on getting a cheap flat screen, you might instead get your email hacked by a nerd hell bent on getting a cheap flat screen.

Musicians over the years have often railed against the excess of modern capitalism. Others have made it rain and reveled in the opportunity money has given them. Either way, people love to talk about stuff they buy...and sing about it too. So, here is some music to rock your Cyber Monday.

Radiohead - Ok Computer

When you realize you lost out on that $200 laptop by 2 minutes, you might want to curse the world and roll around on the floor like you just lost at Call of Duty. We suggest you mellow out to the killer sounds of Radiohead. Forget that computer, ok?

"Kodachrome" - Paul Simon

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Simon was particularly good at describing the restlessness of a generation in flux. Whether he used Joe DiMaggio or color film photography, he knew how to sling around a metaphor. Film cameras may have been replaced by digital point and shoot replicas (on sale now!), but the feeling is basically the same.

"57 Channels (And Nothin' On)" - Bruce Springsteen

Speaking of TV, the Boss once railed against the inadequacies of television for conveying a powerful message. Either that, or he was just pissed they hadn't invented the DIY network yet. Whatever the case, if you buy a TV today, you can find out for yourself.

"Coin Operated Boy" - The Dresden Dolls

Sure, vibrators are not your traditional Cyber Monday purchase, but you can buy them, with a discount! Get to clicking, ladies.

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