Mates of State, Free Energy

Though only achieving national prominence in the past few years, Mates of State's Kori Gardner (who plays a variety of whirling keys and synthesizers, from B-3 organs to Casios) and Jason Hammel (who drums and handles various percussion instruments) have actually been making music together since 1997. Over the past 13 years, the pair has continued to refine their quirky style of energetic indie-pop, trading off vocal duties and breathlessly blending their buoyant harmonies. Gardner and Hammel will be joined by Free Energy, the danceable rock band anchored by brothers Scott and Evan Wells and bandmate Paul Sprangers. The trio got their start in the Minneapolis group Hockey Night, then spent the last half of the '00s relocating to Philadelphia, joining forces with a new drummer and guitar player, and building a national buzz as their current DFA-signed, blog-approved outfit.


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