Meat Beat Manifesto, and Badawi

Over the course of a two-decade recording career, Meat Beat Manifesto has explored acid jazz, dub, techno, IDM, breakbeats, big beat, industrial and synth pop. The only real constant has been quality: Despite the genre or medium, MBM has always managed to make good music, oftentimes veering into genius territory and producing some of the most interesting — and frankly, best — electronic music ever.

This just might be best highlighted on Autoimmune, their newest studio release, a 70-minute celebration of MBM's contributions to their craft.

The landscape is comprised of unsettling vocal samples, workouts in their trademark industrial-dub, squeals, razor-sharp keyboards and all sorts of other examples to help drive home the point that, while Aphex Twin may have taken it to the masses, Meat Beat Manifesto made it possible in the first place. Also on the bill is dub-reggae DJ legend Badawi, a.k.a. Raz Mesinai, the former New York underground stalwart and contemporary of DJ Spooky.


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