Messer Chups' Important Lessons From The Vincent Price Bible

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Messer Chups' Important Lessons From The Vincent Price Bible

The perfect man, the man all other men should aspire to be, is Gomez Adams. Rich, passionate, kind, athletic, funny, and a snappy dresser. But if that goal is a bit too lofty for you, then you could do a lot worse than try and emulate the almighty godfather of spooky smooth, Vincent Price.

Well, the experimental band Messer Chups from St. Petersburg, Russia has a at least attempted to look the part, replacing their own faces with eerie printouts of Mr. Price's noggin in the video for their song, "Vincent Price Bible."

The song itself is awesome, like a surf rock version of Nick Cave, or maybe a mix-up of The Residents and Frankie and Annette. Thrill to its sample-heavy groovitude, zone out to its mod/hipster musicality, and stare into the black and white visage of one of the greats with the video below.


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