Metavenge scare me. Why, you ask, would a group of metal kids, some not old enough to buy porn, do that? Metavenge already have metal locked down and they haven't even taken their first sip of legal booze, that's why. They sound like they walked right out of opening for Anthrax in 1985. Tracks like "Fire with Risk" ooze riffage like blood coming out of a tear in a body bag. You can hear a teenage viciousness in the lead singer's voice that isn't heard from kids this age. (Maybe in screamo, but that's merely a fashionable affectation.) "Home for Now" is the sound of sweaty garage practices on Saturday afternoons, smoking stolen cigarettes and drinking lukewarm Miller High Life while guitar strings break on open callouses. The bassist even looks like a baby Cliff Burton, eerily enough. Metavenge still has a squeak in their growls, but when that goes away, people are going to get hurt real bad.


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