Michael Haaga

Description: Slightly surreal pop-rock genius. It's been compared to everything from the Shins and the Flaming Lips to Tori Amos fronting Metallica. Haaga himself calls this music "heavy mellow."

Members: Michael Haaga (vocals, guitar), Kelly Doyle (guitar), Jason Davis (bass), Brian Davis (drums), Dave Cummings (keyboards, guitar)

Courtesy of Michael Haaga
Haaga's heavy mellow.

Have a listen: "Mountains Fall Down" "Serious" "Belong"

Discography: The Plus and Minus Show, 2004

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Press Music Awards: Album of the Year, Song of the Year ("If and When"), Best guitarist (Doyle), Local Musician of the Year, Songwriter of the Year Allied Bands: dead horse, Clouseaux, Superjoint Ritual

Web site: http: michaelhaaga.com

Contact: www.myspace.com/michaelhaaga

Links: Read the Houston Press feature story


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