Middlefinger, 30FootFALL

In the late '90s, Middlefinger ruled the pop-punk landscape in these parts. They won numerous Houston Press Music Awards, including Best New Act and Best Album. MF's natural habitat was upstairs at Fitzgerald's, playing to packed local crowds or opening for touring bands, back in the days when Fitz was the place for punk rock. (Anyone remember the smoke-choked, graffiti-plastered patio?) Since those heady days, the guys reunite for one-off shows here and there — the same M.O. as now far-flung former local ska/punk King Kong 30FootFALL. These days, MF drummer Brian Davis is warping young musicians as a bona fide percussion teacher and bassist Jay Brooks logs time in local loungers Clouseaux. Guitarist Jason Davis left for Austin and is now strumming for indie-pop swooners What Made Milwaukee Famous.

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