These Miami ska-punkers don't give a shit about the happy, horn-y bop of their categorical contemporaries. Instead, their aggressive music and stridently political lyrics on everything from nuclear waste and corrupt cops to human rights and water show up on their latest, 24 Hour Roadside Resistance (Hopeless). (And thank God for the lyric sheet, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to figure that out from Danny Lore's spitting, snotty vocals.) Formed in 1993, they're not for the weak-willed or the fence-sitters but the loud, fast and angry. The band is also in a battle with the Automobile Association of America, which wants them to stop using their "AAA" symbol. "There's AAA everything," guitarist Joseph Koontz told one magazine. "Like, why don't they fucking sue everybody that's AAA Plumbing, AAA this, you know?" Hmm. Lawyers, time to pull out those yellow pages!


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