Monday Monday: Gravy Train and Burning Brides tonight

Apparently, just because it's the Monday after a long, nasty July 4 weekend doesn't mean the music stops anytime soon. Can someone please call Rhianna?

So, anyway, tonight we've got crazy South Florida club kids Gravy Train at Walter's, with Bridez, Harlem and PRKL8R. They're endorsed by everyone's favorite pottymouth, Peaches...

"Hella Nervous"

"Club Situation"

...and, if you'd rather thrash than booty-wiggle, Philly terror trio Burning Brides is at Rudz. They're on Guitar Hero, you know...

"Come Alive"

"If I'm a Man"

...and, finally, if you're stone broke or just like to give it up for the home folks, Arkansas' Suzi Trash joins Houston's own Black Black Gold tonight at Boondocks. They seem to be fond of the Misfits (who isn't?).

Just wondering... do people take naps anymore? - Chris Gray


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