When it comes to packing bodies into rock clubs, it doesn't hurt to have a reputation for kinetic live shows. Tel Aviv's Monotonix is a punk-informed trio amassing a devoted international fanbase thanks to constant touring and a primal, Black Sabbath-inflected cacophony and daredevil delivery. Front man Ami Shalev is as likely to wrap his microphone cord around an unsuspecting fan as he is to loop it around a nearby rafter and swing fearlessly. He tosses his tightly curled mane, howling and spitting beer, or agilely climbs street lamps outside venues with audacity. Guitarist Yonotan Gat can't be caged by the stage, miraculously avoiding smacking people with his instrument while dashing through the crowd, leaping atop bars, or straddling tables. He does this while churning out riffs that are equal parts grunge-sludge and Thin Lizzy-channeling harmonics. Drummer Haggai Fershtman takes it even further, crowd-surfing while audiences hold his drums aloft for him to bash with precision and power. Instruments are often lit on fire, depending on what Monotonix can get away with before the authorities are summoned.


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