Morgan Page

Vermont native Morgan Page is riding the current electronic music resurgence to the mainstream with his brand of lush house featuring female vox and plenty of dance-floor wizardry. Having released three proper albums, a few self-released indie collections and countless remixes, as well as earning a reputation for a great live set, Page has become one of the most sought-after electronic artists going these days, as normally rock-inclined music fans decide to put their dancing shoes to the test. In an age when mooks like Korn are trying to go electronic, it's guys like Page who are proving that dance music can be hooky without being alienating. Last year's Believe was a bona fide club hit, with "Fight for You" getting play from fellow DJs in arms. A more than decent cover of Pete Yorn's "Strange Condition" from Yorn's 2001 sleeper-classic musicforthemorningafter, with a guest vocal spot from pop chanteuse Lissie, turned many a pop fan into a Page fan.


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