Morning MP3s: A Thousand Cranes Seek "Mexican Refuge"

Morning MP3s: A Thousand Cranes Seek "Mexican Refuge"

Travis Kershen (pictured) from A Thousand Cranes, who - despite how it appears the lovely poster - open Free Press Houston's Recession Thursdays tonight at Numbers with Tense, Future Blondes, Balaclavas and Voidmate was kind enough to send me his group's Mexican Refuge CD a couple of weeks back. To me it sounds like a five-part suite where "Refuge" might as well be synonymous with "Brown" - completely soothing and profoundly disturbing at the same time. Listen for material from ATC's upcoming album Wounded Crane tonight as well.

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Here's some bonus video of Balaclavas at the Mink back in April. Get ready to adjust your monitor volume. - Chris Gray

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