Morning MP3s: The Jonbenet's "The Sun"
Witch Hammer

Morning MP3s: The Jonbenet's "The Sun"

The dudes in scorched-earth hardcore crew the Jonbenet found time recently to record two new tracks and a re-record another, the tour chronicle "Memphis Blues." The three hellish blasts hit the band's MySpace just this past week, and we have "The Sun" right here.

The band turns six years old this summer and has been only sporadically active as of late. Half the band is currently holding down seats in Black Congress who are gaining increasing momentum almost a year into their existence. Lead singer Michael Murland is working on a dark electronic project with his wife Marlen which, if their MySpace is any indication, will give people like the Knife a run for their krona. The Jonbenet's live shows were things to behold, and we can't wait for another harrowing night with them.


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