As front man of The Smiths, Manchester-raised singer/songwriter Morrissey, with his striking physical features, ambivalent sexuality and gracefully grieving yet uplifting voice, established his place in contemporary pop music history, not to mention in all the hearts and minds of his passionate, almost rabid cult fan base.

Nearly 20 years after going solo with 1988's Viva Hate, Morrissey is showing little sign of aging — he is still the dapper, much-loved showman he was when he wore flowers in his back pocket. Though Morrissey is still dedicating the bulk of his set to material off last year's LP, Ringleader of the Tormentors, his current tour is being dubbed (at least by his merchandisers) as “Morrissey';s Greatest Hits.” People who were either too young to see Morrissey when he was the reigning king of mope in the mid-'80s or who have just discovered him can finally hear him do a couple old Smiths numbers in between costume changes. (Moz sweats so much, he has to constantly peel off and change shirts, much to the delight of his loving audience.)

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