Mosquitos, with Sancho

A lot has happened for the indie pop/samba Mosquitos since they buzzed through town a couple of months back. Juju Stulbach's breathy, Ipanema-delic "Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-dum-baah" chorus, from the band's single "Boombox," has become background noise to the zeitgeist, gracing commercials for Baileys Irish Cream and Intel and a recent episode of Malcolm in the Middle. They've played South By Southwest. They've signed on to support Air on the Talkie Walkie Tour (though at this show local Latin rockers Sancho replace the Frenchies on the bill). And they've fallen in love with Texas. Stulbach has said Austin is their favorite town away from their home base of New York, and they've called our own fair city "lovely, very supportive and kind." Could a move to Texas be in the offing? Hope so. Their music is as catchy as the West Nile virus, but it doesn't make you sick.


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