Music for Silent Film

With The Artist snagging so many Academy Award nominations, silent film is poised to make a comeback, and one man who can help you love the vintage style in a modern way is Chris Becker. Using a laptop and Kaoss Pad, Becker (a former Houston Press contributor) specializes in improvising scores to modern silent works, and his set at 14 Pews will include films directed by Kenneth Anger and Noe Kidder. Even if you've caught Becker's act before, each performance is different and unique. Though perfectly capable of wowing an audience just by himself, he'll be supplementing his show with drums, guitar and saxophone for this gig, which should certainly fill the room with on-the-spot magic. "I prepare in advance, but once the film starts rolling, all of that preparation goes out the window, and I find I'm just winging it," he told the Press in a past interview. "It's very weird. It's a combination of improvising with composed materials, if that makes any sense. I do not enjoy playing something prepared, to be honest. I want the 'chaos' element to be a part of whatever I do — no matter how terrifying that may be for me."


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