Musical Microwave Sings When Your Food is Ready

Musical Microwave Sings When Your Food is Ready

All modern inventions have one thing in common: They fix things. They spot a dilemma, figure out what's wrong and make it right so we can go on living a beautiful and joyous life. Take the musical microwave, for instance. It eliminates the problem of enduring annoying beeps. Dilemma: Annoying beeps when food is ready. Solution: A microwave that plays music instead of beeps.

The official name is BGH Quick Chef Music microwave. It comes equipped with a USB port so you can load your own playlist. And when that Orville Redenbacher is ready, the musical microwave (mucrowave?) plays your favorite song to alert you. BGH released a thousand musical microwaves to launch the product. They sold out in a week. There's a commercial production planned for 2012. You should definitely back-order two and send us one.

You can't always reinvent the wheel, but you can make it sing.

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