Musical Moms That Make Us Melt

Musical Moms That Make Us Melt

With Mother's Day fast approaching, we can't help but recognize all the hot rocker mamas out there making music and babies. It can't be easy to write the next great pop song and have a tiny human being inside you sucking nutrients from your body, in the process girding their loins for making your life a roller coaster of bed-wetting, puberty, hateful screams and stolen cigarettes for the next 18 years. Before you make those last minute reservations with Mom or at least book it to Wal-Mart for an ugly Teddy Bear and a greeting card, check out our list of hot rocker moms. These ladies have not only birthed some of the best jams on Earth, they have also done their part to hasten the onset of worldwide overpopulation. Thanks, gals!

Musical Moms That Make Us Melt

Gwen Stefani: The No Doubt frontwoman and solo electro-pop superstar has had two boys with Bushman Gavin Rossdale, Kingston and Zuma. Even after having two babies, she still manages to look hot, bouncing back from both pregnancies looking better than before.

Sarah McLachlan: The Lilith Fair founder and writer of one of the saddest songs on Earth, "Angel", Sarah McLachlan had her first child, a daughter, in 2002 with her touring drummer Ashwin Sood. A second daughter came in 2007, but Sood and the Canadian balladeer separated the next year.

Musical Moms That Make Us Melt

Michelle Branch: Guitarist Michelle Branch had a child in 2005 with her husband Teddy Landau. She is best known for her 2001 album The Spirit Room and her work in the one-off country duo the Wreckers with Jessica Harp. Branch is currently tracking her next album and tours regularly.

Bjork: Before Lady Gaga took over the WTF Crown of the World, it was Bjork who held it for nearly a decade after Sinead O'Connor. She has one older boy who was born in 1986, and procreated with auteur Matthew Barney in 2002.

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