Natalie Cole

Few children of superstars ever seem to get out from under the cloud of their famous parents, but jazz legend Nat King Cole's daughter Natalie has certainly carved out her own space in modern popular music. And while she burst onto the scene in 1975 with Aretha Franklin-style R&B hits like "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)," "I Can't Say No" and "Inseparable," Cole's career has gone through several peaks and valleys, only to find her today as popular as she has ever been. It doesn't hurt that the Los Angeles-born singer has both the looks and the pipes to melt ice, but she has also developed as an artist capable of belting out R&B, jazz standards and pop-flavored tunes. In fact, it was her left-field cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Pink Cadillac" that revived her flagging career in 1987 and returned her full-time to the public spotlight. The Grammy-winner's Houston show should include her hits, a few classics from her father's repertoire and a smattering of pleasant surprises.


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