Anton Corbijn
Anton Corbijn

Nellie McKay Cancels; Cat Power Moves; Who's Open, Who's Not?

Whoa Nellie: Maybe next time...

Despite all the rain, our pal Edouard seems to be turning out to be something of a dud. Nonetheless, sharp-tongued British-born New York singer-songwriter Nellie McKay has cancelled her show scheduled for tonight at Warehouse Live. (No word on a reschedule date yet, but stay tuned.)

Anton Corbijn

Also, take note of this: Cat Power (right) has been moved from Oct. 22 to Oct. 10, still at Warehouse Live.

Curious, Rocks Off decided to call a few other local music-related businesses to see whether they're open or not. So if you decide to venure out into the rain to buy a guitar or CD, have at it.

Cactus Music: No answer

Sound Exchange: "It doesn't seem too bad, so we'll be here all day."

Evans Music City: "We'll be open until 6:30, unless we float away."

Rockin' Robin: "You bet."

Sig's Lagoon: "Why wouldn't we be?"

Rudyard's: "Yep." - Chris Gray


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