New Found Glory: Not Without a Fight

The most pop by far of a whole generation of pop-punks, New Found Glory has been influential enough over the last dozen years to see mainstream radio stations now fairly packed with young soundalikes. That puts NFG in a weird position on its sixth album and first since getting out from under Geffen's thumb. But fans needn't worry; from the efficient single "Listen to Your Friends" to the triumphant "Heartless At Best," these guys have distilled their sound wisely, tightening every aspect and embracing their ultra-catchy core. In fact, the only traces of punk come in the occasional bout of unified vocals or lightning guitar riffing. Blink-182's Mark Hoppus produced Fight without an ounce of fat, streamlining every heart-hurt anthem and ballad alike while keeping the focus on Jordan Pundik's impossibly bright lead vocals. Think of this album as the recession version of New Found Glory.


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