News on the March

Close musical kin to their good friends Buxton, with whom they now share guitarists Austin Sepulvado and Jason Willis, News on the March's poppy flower-power Glory Be! EP positioned them as the Byrds (or maybe the Beach Boys) to the more ragged-sounding Buxton's Buffalo Springfield within Houston's burgeoning young Americana scene. But that was more than a year ago now. If "Silver and Rust," which NOTM recently posted to its Facebook page, is any indication, the quartet's forthcoming album Made in Kind will land a lot closer to Gram Parsons's Nudie-suit soul and Weezer's passive-aggressive alt-rock outbursts. In any case, "The harmonies have been specially engineered to melt your face, Raiders of the Lost Ark-style," the band posted on its wall. After returning from SXSW country, NOTM joins Buxton (of course) and some other friends for Sunday's tour kickoff before two more weeks of road-testing Made in Kind on the Eastern Seaboard and through the Midwest.


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