Say what you will about Nickelback, those polarizing Canadians know how to write an infectious radio anthem. The multiplatinum-selling group may be one of the most maligned in recent memory for a loud minority full of anti-Nickelback venom, but they have an even louder majority that hangs on their every word. Come on, that single "Rock Star" was stupidly catchy, and if it's good enough for Billy Gibbons to guest-star, it's good enough for everyone. The secret about Nickelback and lead singer Chad Kroeger seems to be that they are in on the gag, or can at least laugh off the hipster vitriol, as evidenced by their viral Funny or Die sketch, which lampooned the outcry over the band's being booked to play the Detroit Lions' halftime show on Thanksgiving Day. Either way, we doubt that anyone will be rushing from Free Press Summer Fest to hit this one up.


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