Nina Nastasia & Jim White

New York singer-songwriter Nina Nastasia might remind listeners of Cat Power, for both her breathy, girlish voice and piercingly intimate lyrics. Or perhaps Beth Orton, for her postmodern-folk arrangements and throat-twisting vocal gymnastics. Australian percussionist Jim White, whose day job is drumming for instrumental rockers Dirty Three, might know best, as he's worked with all three. After first teaming up for Nastasia's 2002 album Run to Ruin, the duo has just released You Follow Me under both their names, an appropriately ambiguous title as it's often unclear just who is following whom. White's percussion frames Nastasia's lyrics without overpowering them, while her arresting voice and stark guitar lines accent his rhythmic drive. Houstonians who chafe when shows bypass the Bayou City for Austin and Dallas can gloat a bit: The duo's Orange Show stopover is their sole Texas date, for once placing Houston on the same route as A-list musical cities like Minneapolis, Chicago and Seattle.

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