Noise Fest '07

This weekend promises to be a hot one. And no, we're not talking about Brian McKnight playing to a sold-out crowd on Friday. Nor Stevie Nicks's set on Saturday. This weekend, children, is Noise Fest, so get your whiny poser ass over to the Southmore House. There, you will be rocked until your fucking head explodes. Nowhere else will you be able to find such denizens of unholy noise. When the tumult begins, you will feel your bones crack from the sonic assault. Within moments, your blood will boil, threatening to spill out of your gaping mouth, now open at an impossible angle screaming an impossible sound. You will thank your tormentors for every awful moment. The lineup on Friday, June 1, includes Lethal Aggression, Insecticide, condemned unit, PLF, 50/50 and Crusher. On Saturday, June 2, The Nautilus, Network of Terror, Reason of Insanity, El Desmadre, Los De Verdad, Hasbeen and Dissent perform.

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