Numbers' 30th Anniversary

Misspent youth, high jinks and dancing with reckless abandon — Numbers has seen it all. One of Houston's oldest nightclubs, the venerable Lower West­heimer establishment begins its fourth decade with retrospective videos, exciting giveaways and various DJs — Numbers chieftain Wes Wallace and special guests spinning the club's signature blend of synth-pop, electro, glam, goth, dance, retro and whatever else they haul out of the crates — to tickle your fancy — or something else, if you're not careful (it is Numbers, after all). How the club has survived 30 years of crime, yuppie uprisings and the obligatory sex, drugs and rock and roll is no surprise: It's been a haven for not only artists, from The Cure to Grandmaster Flash to Death Cab for Cutie, but also to generations of Houstonians who just want to dress up (or down) and have fun. When you're old and gray, listening to that classic Blur CD (Blur played the club in 1997, btw), underage teens in heavy makeup will still be trying to sneak in with fake IDs. Numbers is a rite of passage for countless Houston youths, especially those looking to exorcise their angst. You know who you are or, perhaps, who you were. Saturday, relive the good times and create some new ones at the place you went to when there simply was nowhere else


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