Of Montreal, French Horn Rebellion

Of Montreal's sunny psych-pop brims with such starry-eyed youthful bliss that it might be a little sobering for aging hipsters to remember that Kevin Barnes's crew was once peers with Elf Power, Olivia Tremor Control and The Apples In Stereo in Athens, Georgia's legendary Elephant 6 scene. (Do they call that "classic indie-pop" these days?) Checking in on this year's Paralytic Stalks, Barnes and his musical starchildren are still going strong, with a deep-rooted affection for the synth-heavy slow jams of early-'80s Prince and stage shows that suggest the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar has been at the catnip again. One willowy branch off the Of Montreal tree (by way of MGMT) is Brooklyn duo French Horn Rebellion, who strike all the proper electro poses on 2011 full-length The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion.


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