Desperate times call for desperate and angry punk rock, and supergroup OFF! fits the bill in 2011. Former Black Flag and Circle Jerks frontman Keith Morris is back in fine screaming form, with Redd Kross bassist Steven McDonald and members of Burning Brides and Rocket From the Crypt dishing out some vintage, soothing hardcore brutality behind him. We first saw the band live at last year's Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin in the middle of the afternoon, and Morris looked like he would scream his iconic dreadlocks off. Their debut LP, First Four Eps, is the perfect anecdote for this insufferable world, full of protesters and lying and thieving banks and politicians. Having a personality as energetic and familiar as the 56-year-old Morris up front doesn't hurt, and the band's sound is an incredible breath of dank and sweaty air. You won't find songs as fun, corrosive and pit-ready as "Fuck People" and "Full of Shit" anywhere else in a year when Adele and Mumford & Sons are topping the Billboard charts.


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