Old 97's

The Old 97's, who've forged their own way in the alt-country genre, begin their ninth year as a band with a tour of the Bible Belt. Initially a bar favorite in Dallas, the group has come a long way since then, signing to New West Records and releasing an album every year since 2008 — two in 2010. Although most of the Old 97's songs are written and sung by Rhett Miller, bassist Murry Hammond sings a song or two per album, and his voice imparts a slightly different feel, giving the Dallas foursome even more ammo for their musical arsenal. From easygoing ditties you can't help but move your feet to, such as "Dance with Me" and "Time Bomb," to slower, softer songs like "Question," the Old 97's offer a little something for everyone, mixing an indie-band feel with enough twang to remind us all that they're from Texas.


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