Olga Tañón

Early in her career, Puerto Rican singer Olga Tañón was the queen of merengue, but with an expanded repertoire that includes ballads, pop and all types of tropicalia, she's pretty much shaken off that title and is now simply known as la mujer de fuego (woman on fire). One of the biggest Latina artists around, Tañón first came to American audiences' attention in 2000 with the Grammy-winning Olga Viva, Viva Olga. The next year, she snagged both a Grammy and a Latin Grammy for Yo por Ti, and lately has been topping Billboard's Latin pop charts with 2008's Fuego en Vivo, a live-recorded, two-volume collection of her greatest hits. Tañón especially shines during her concerts, so expect a solid musical performance, great stage show — Tañón dances almost as well as she sings — and a few dozen screams of boriqua!

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