Orange Is In, with Arthur Yoria and Pale

While they may not technically count as a local supergroup, Orange Is In is a super new group playing fine original melodic pop with adult sensibilities and point of view. Consisting of former members of the Basics, Under the Sun, Blender, Buddhacrush, Jimmy's Pawn Shop, Carolyn Wonderland's Imperial Monkeys and others, OII have been together just over a year. The lineup includes singer George Kovacik, bassist Jeff Balke, guitarist Chris Rogers, violinist Amy Price and ubiquitous drummer Leesa Harrington-Squyres. Their debut EP, Snacks, is a tasty appetizer whose highlights include the groove-oriented bass of "She Calms My Nerves," the gentle bopping of "Holding Me, Holding You" and the slow sexiness of "Suzanna" (which features Kovacik's best vocals). It's organic chill-out music buoyed by Price's violin wafting in and out of numbers, and it's made for warm summer days -- even if you hear it played in a dark club at night.


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