Other "Coachella" Festivals We'd Like To See

Other "Coachella" Festivals We'd Like To See

So, Coachella tickets sold out a few weeks ago. Evidently, the lineup is killer, accommodating to most tastes. Last year, the festival sold out in a week. This year, even with two weekends available, tickets sold out within a couple of hours.

Don't have tickets to the show? Don't fret! What if there were not only two weekends of Coachella happening this year, but many more with plenty of tickets still available? Okay. There aren't, but here are a few imagined alternate Coachella festivals.

FYI, information on these festivals can't be found anywhere else. This stuff is totally exclusive.

1. There's Dreamchella, featuring pretty lights.

Other "Coachella" Festivals We'd Like To See

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