Our 25 Favorite Summer Jams of 2013

Houston's not getting any colder, so Rocks Off asked our writers to tell us which recently released songs are helping them beat the heat this summer.

A$AP Rocky: Hot fun in the summertime.
A$AP Rocky: Hot fun in the summertime.

Alt-J, Dissolve Me" A strong, danceable beat coupled with such serenity. It's the sound of floating in the ocean with friends while just a little bit day-drunk. Lovely. JOHN SEABORN GRAY

Ariana Grande feat. Mac Miller, "The Way" (Spanglish Version) This is not the most manliest of picks, but damn I love this track. Grande's voice is fresh and familiar at the same time, very Mariah Carey mixed with the teenage Christina Aguilera. Mac Miller stops in for a short and sweet rap interlude, with the right amount of smooth and dirty ("you're a princess to the public but a freak when its time!").

And of course, the beat samples "A Little Bit of Love" by Brenda Russell, whose piano chords were famously used my Big Pun on "Still Not A Player," one of the greatest rap tracks of all time. MARCO TORRES

A$AP Rocky feat. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam, "Wild For The Night" A special marriage of the screwed-up, codeine-laced sound and dubstep, this track serves as both a chill-out assistant and fight-club instigator. If there ever were a perfect slogan for those wild, hot, summer nights in Texas, this song's chorus would be it: "I'm going wild for the night, fuck being polite!" MARCO TORRES

A$AP Rocky x Skrillex (by way of his "Goin' In" remix) isn't a collaboration that screams success on paper, but in practice it's a hell of a track. Because of the explicit lyrics it'll never be the true "song of the summer" it deserves to be, and that's a shame because this fusion of hip-hop and EDM should be on every party mixtape from coast to coast. CORY GARCIA

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Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding, "I Need Your Love" Ellie Goulding is an insanely lovely artist, with her subdued, throaty vocals and major mass appeal, so when you add to the mix Calvin Harris's dance-ready beats, the English and Scottish duo make for a pretty irresistible combo. The music video is enough to melt the Grinchiest of hearts, too, with what seems to be a compilation footage of two adorable fools falling in love, setting it to some really decent music, and then leaking their highlight reel to the masses.

Totally danceable, totally adorable, and yes, I realize I sound totally gushy about it. Summer jams are awesome. ANGELICA LEICHT

Daft Punk feat. Panda Bear, "Doin' It Right" Daft Punk long ago discovered the secret to getting something embedded in people's brains: just repeat it over and over. With a simple sample of their robotic voices repeating the same phrases for a beat and Panda Bear's graceful vocal lines, "Doin' It Right" is endlessly addictive.

The best part, though, is when the robotic vocals drop out and you're just left with Panda Bear and a drum machine echoing through your brain. Pure magic. COREY DEITERMAN

Daft Punk, "Touch" I know there's going to be a ton of Daft Punk mentions on this list, most likely "Get Lucky," but the best track on the album is the 8-minute rock opera "Touch." If the French electro-musicians employed Ziggy Stardust as their musical director, this is what would come from it.

It starts very chill and spacey, jumps into a super-dance-y disco segment, and then shoots back off into space to finish the track. No one was expecting disco when they heard of a new Daft Punk release, but it came and it's great - "Touch" is their best foray into the genre. JIM BRICKER

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