Outkast Fans Got Beef With FPSF Omission
Photo by Marco Torres

Outkast Fans Got Beef With FPSF Omission

The day that a festival announces its lineup is one of excitement and anxiety. For days speculation runs rampant and then the day arrives; some look at the lineup and fist-pump in front of their computers while others feel their hearts drop with disappointment.

I spent a part of Tuesday hitting the digital streets to see if my FPSF predictions (Zedd, Wu-Tang, Haim, Bastille, Kraftwerk) were shared by anyone else. Over on Reddit, folks worked diligently to try and unscramble the blurred lineup image. Meanwhile on Twitter, the main theory seemed to be:

But rumors of an Outkast set at FPSF had been flying around since about ten seconds after the Atlanta duo announced they were getting back together. The rumors were stoked again when this thread appeared on Facebook, even though they later clarified that said "greatest group in Hip-Hop history" had more than two members.

Even yesterday, plenty of folks were running with the idea that Outkast was a lock:

As we now know, it was not meant to be.

Needless to say, some folks took to Twitter to vent their frustrations:

More OutKast frustration on the next page.


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