Parabelle started out as a side project by former Evans Blue front man Kevin Matisyn, and while his former band mates may be out there doing big numbers, for our money Parabelle has the better sound. The band maintains the energy of the hard rock, Buzz-worthy set, but adds a level of emotional depth that tends to be missing in its contemporaries' music, which at least tends to come across as much less sincere. We watched Parabelle's incredible music video for "Kiss the Flag: The Widow" on a constant loop for hours, and the heartbreaking fall of a woman into loneliness and chemical dependency buoyed by Matisyn's almost angelic presence is one of the best rock narratives that have ever graced the Tube of You. It's like a mainstream Requiem for a Dream, but with less amputation and a soundtrack that will get you out of your seat.


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