Paris Falls

Right now, Paris Falls is one of the most promising rock acts in Houston, with a sound equal parts fun and good. That sounds pretty elementary, but it's nice to catch a breath of fresh pop air in this age of experimentalism. Led by husband and wife Raymond and Jennifer Brown, the local foursome makes Beatle-friendly rock creative enough to be interesting, catchy enough to be enjoyable. "Walk Away" swings back and forth between catchy breakdowns and even catchier choruses, opening with a bouncing Rhodes rhythm (bonus points) as Raymond Brown's scratchy vocals slide over steady, toe-tappin' drums. Opening track "Lucky" is a little lazier, as Raymond Brown croons and Jennifer adds sugar-kissed harmonies. "Shallow" is a jammy tune that's more Zeppelin than Beatles. Both Browns' mastery of the Rhodes (ha), whether featured or whispered, is Vol. 1's greatest attribute. Paris Falls has already impressed many on the local scene, and demos featuring most of these tracks were given away for free at shows for a while. No worries, though: The band is slated to release Vol. II later this summer.


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