Pase Rock

As if Lindsay Lohan's snatch didn't get enough press, Pase Rock had to go and write a song about it. Singles like "Lindsay Lohan's Revenge" and "Sexy MF" (featuring Amanda Blank) are what happens when party rap and Baltimore's sweaty, writhing, deliciously hypersexual club scene have a quickie in a bathroom stall: Critics and the Internet go bananas. Scribble Jam cofounder and rapper for Cincinnati's Five Deez, Pase Rock is an original product of the Midwest underground hip-hop set who last year dipped into the B-more and Philly creative circles, becoming inextricably linked with Spank Rock and the Hollertronix duo. As hype man for the Spank Rock assemblage, his agenda has simply been to make "gangbang music," which he does quite well. One of URB Magazine's "Next 1000" this year, Pase Rock pushes pure, ass-grinding party music on the rocks. Sounds appropriate for a Rock Box Thursday, but please, keep your panties on.


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