Passion Pit, Tokyo Police Club

Dripping, saturated and romantic are worthwhile adjectives to describe Michael Angelakos's Passion Pit. Not only does such purple prose perfectly describe the emotional bent of Angelakos's lyrics, it's also an apt description of the love-struck pop the band has perfected since Angelakos recorded the Chunk of Change EP as a gift for his girlfriend back in 2007. Since then, the band has branched out a bit. Turning the notion of romance back a few centuries, Passion Pit's diction now recalls the 18th-century angst of Samuel Taylor Coleridge rather than the easy emotion of modern pop songwriting. The music, shiny as any recent pop gem, now plays foil to the darker lyrical bent. Instead of sounding confused, the result is as thought-provoking as it is kinetic, the perfect soundtrack for solitude and partying in equal measure. Tokyo Police Club plays perfectly alongside the calculated exuberance of Passion Pit, fast-paced and whimsical yet with a certain intellectual bent — as if the band is either catering to the handful of adults in the audience or just trying to see if the kids are paying attention.

Nicholas L. Hall


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