Pat Green

Green rode his "Wave on Wave" of success to a new label and a bid for superstar status.

Country-pop singer Pat Green earned himself lots of fans -- and ridicule -- with his unlikely Top Ten hit "Wave on Wave." What the hell was that song about? Water? Love? Sonic booms? Nobody ever knew. Anyway. Now Green is back with Cannonball, and there's not a wave in sight. There's also a little less pop and a bit more country-rock. Green, a three-time Grammy Award nominee, took that wave of success and in 2004 moved over to BNA, a bigger label, hoping to go from cult favorite to actual superstar. Cannonball might do it for him. It's nothing new, it's just him -- a little slicker, a little smoother, with a little bit more swagger, but still just him. And that's what Green's fans really want, anyway -- heartfelt country with a rock overtone. Green's first single, "Feels Just Like It Should," says it all: "I guess everyone gets a chance to shine / And tonight it's mine." Cannonball is nothing new, but it is comfortable and familiar. Perhaps it is Green's time to shine.

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