Patty Larkin

Patty Larkin is usually tagged a folkie, but she is much more. A fine guitarist, stellar singer and bold lyricist, Larkin takes her music all over the genre map. On her most recent solo release Red = Luck, which reached No. 38 on Billboard's top independent releases chart, she covers everything from Celtic to jazz in a heady pop music brew. While the music and arrangements are first-rate, it is Larkin's spunky delivery of lines that are at once funny, irreverent and pertinent that sets her apart. Songs like "Italian Shoes," "24/7/365" and "Inside Your Painting" are hilarious but also set the brain cells to work. Larkin dabbles in ground-level political statements with songs like "All That Innocence" and "Birmingham." The winner of numerous Boston-area music awards, Larkin doesn't come our way much, and this one will surely sell out.


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