Paul Rodgers, Blue Oyster Cult, Kansas, Marshall Tucker Band, the Knack, Loverboy, Mickey Thomas with Starship

Arrowfest is the one day a year when Houston classic-rock fans really cream their denim, and for its tenth edition under the auspices of 93.7 FM, organizers have gathered their strongest, broadest lineup in years. There's heavy ümlaut rock (Blue Öyster Cult), prog (Kansas), country-rock (Marshall Tucker Band), pop-rock (the Knack) and, in a nod as to the format's widening umbrella, '80s acts like Loverboy and Mickey Thomas with Starship. And headlining the whole thing is a bona fide legend: leather-lunged Free/Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers, on hiatus from recording new material with Queen. Onstage, the waistlines may have expanded, and the faces may have a few more lines than the album covers many a fan may have rolled a nice, tight fattie on, but that won't matter to the thousands who scream along with the lyrics — or what they think are the lyrics — of "Feel Like Makin' Love," "Godzilla," "Carry On Wayward Son," "Can't You See," "Working for the Weekend" and "My Sharona." However, anyone attempting to warble "We Built This City" will be ejected immediately — some things even the mellowest stoners can't forgive.


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