PB: Luxurious Panthers 1/6

We just got this note from the Luxurious Panthers:

Come Out And Live the Roots Rock Lifestyle with

The Luxurious Panthers


Ricky Broussard's Two Hoots & A Holler from Austin,TX.

Just in case you didn't know - the Panthers are a crazy Texas rockabilly outfit

and Broussard is a walkin. stalkin, cajun Buddy Holly by way of a '77 Joe Strummer.

Drinka' Shiner, smoke some Thai, dance the night away with a prize heiffer from the local heard!!!


Photo provided by the Luxurious Panthers

The Luxurious Panthers and Two Hoots & A Holler perform

Saturday, January 6 at Walter's on Washington

, 4215 Washington, 713-862-2513.

You can checkout www.myspace.com /theluxuriouspanthers for more Luxurious Panthers information and song previews.


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