They might be Japanese-cum-New Yorkers, but Peelander-Z's brand of "action comic" punk feels like an intergalactic anthem for fun fun fun until daddy throws the joystick away. In the spirit of humorcore bands like the Toy Dolls, every song becomes both a crunchy riff factory and a hoot-and-holler singalong. Peelander-Z also melds the furiously catchy garage-rock impulse of Guitar Wolf with an unabashed bubblegum spirit akin to the primary-color pandemonium of '60s-'70s kids' show Banana Splits. Gloriously goofy and bombastic even on fifth release P-Pop-High School, PZ eggs on its audiences to compete in human bowling, limbo dancing and karaoke, gladly tossing aside any notion that punk should be po-faced and pretentious. Themes like anime and manga, duct tape, ninjas, high-school dance parties, zombies, autograph seekers, party pandas, and eating rice and vegetables all converge in breathless songs that outpace the sleekest Hondas. Plus, forget about faux fashionista fuss — these guys dress like they crashed headlong into a Toys R Us.


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