Pete Yorn

Just last month, power-popper Pete Yorn gave his debut LP, musicforthemorningafter, a proper deluxe re-release, including an extra live set of the material from around its initial 2001 bow. The album still stands out as not only one of the most solid freshmen sets by any artist, but also as a definitive statement of things to come. As far as sturdy, forlorn power-pop goes, Yorn is easily one of the best to come in the past decade or so, alongside the likes of Ryan Adams, M. Ward and even Conor Oberst. He's destined to be underrated, though, because he made his first leap into the pop consciousness at a time when backwards red baseball caps and bleached-blond rappers were en vogue. But Yorn has followed musicforthemorningafter with four more stomping rock albums, plus the duets record Break Up with none other than indie queen Scarlett Johansson, whose husky warble made a decent vocal foil for Yorn's raspy puppy-dog wail.


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