Peter, Bjorn & John

Countless musicians have been derided for appealing to the masses. But here's where things get tricky: Good pop music isn't especially easy to write, unless you're Peter, Bjorn & John. And now, after spending a few years trying to get away from the pop sound that made them famous, the Swedish trio is getting back to what it does best. Success for this band is pretty simple, actually — you just put your lips together and blow. PB&J broke huge with their inescapable 2006 single "Young Folks," and spent the next few years trying to prove their mettle with two ambitious, noise-influenced albums that ultimately didn't really strike a chord with fans. Fortunately, the phrase "return to their roots" has been frequently attached to PB&J's new album, Gimme Some. The album finds the Stockholm boys firmly back in the pop arena, producing happy songs about depressing subjects, with plenty of winks and nods to the '80s. Critical reaction to the new album has been overwhelmingly favorable, and PB&J have responded in kind. Their most recent shows have been mostly composed of Gimme Some tracks, although of course the old fan favorites still make an appearance or two. Because let's face it: It wouldn't be a Peter, Bjorn & John show without a solid whistling solo.


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