Peter Gabriel & the New Blood Orchestra

Peter Gabriel, enigmatic performer, vocalist in Genesis' early, proggy days and keeper of a boffo solo career for the past three decades, hits The Woodlands Thursday night for the first time since Summer 2003, and this time he's bringing his New Blood Orchestra with him. During this visit, Gabriel will not be using conventional rock instruments such as drums or guitars, but the orchestra behind him will be bashing out his hits, new and old, with the same ferocity. His last album, 2010's Scratch My Back, was a covers album featuring his own takes on songs by Radiohead, Bon Iver and, most ­winningly, Arcade Fire's "My Body Is a Cage." He's not forgetting his earlier, more established works, so you can expect large-scale orchestral takes on "Solsbury Hill," "In Your Eyes" and "Biko." It's really thrilling to hear these songs in this context, which is probably the closest a listener can get to hearing the sounds in Gabriel's gifted musical brain.


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